The Beginning

I’ve been house hunting for two years now.  After seeing several places (it feels like 100s!) that were too small, too smelly, too expensive and/or too run down I finally found “The House That Broke My Heart.”  After making an offer (that was accepted,) and getting the inspection the deal fell through.  Now that I’m back on the market, so to speak, I’ve decided to chronicle my misadventures in house hunting.  My hope is that someday (soon??) I’ll be able to write about the love I put into my new place.

What I’m looking for: A modestly sized home with room for me, my cat and some creative touches.

What I’ve found: Plywood floors, broken windows, cat pee, homes hung up in the foreclosure process, and homes that fly off the market before I can get in to see them.

I plan to catch you up with houses I’ve looked at and to tell you more about “The House That Broke My Heart,” but for now here’s a picture of me and Prudie.

ali prudie



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