I was really excited to go see this house.  It’s in a nice, mostly historic, area of town and the pictures showed nice old windows and an awesome enclosed front porch.  When I called my realtor she was hesitant and warned me that the house was “rough.”


I knew from looking at the outside that there would be work in store for me and once I stepped into the house I knew it was too much for me to do alone.  

The porch was promising…

Ugh, the drop ceiling but that huge pantry and window above the sink were okay…

New carpet and a cool built in by the stairs, right?


Annnnnd the deal breaker.  The only bathroom in this house was downstairs, behind the kitchen.  All I could think was, “I hope I can find chamber pots somewhere!”  I can’t imagine having to go to the room furthest from the bedrooms in the middle of the night to pee.

Even though we all knew there was no way I was making an offer on this house we continued on.  Awkward rooms, awkward transition from the stairs and a creepy door leading to nowhere at the other end of the hall (think Winchester Mystery House…) 

List price: $72,900 (currently under contract-yikes!)

**first photo is mine; all the rest are from http://www.soprisrealty.com



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