Week 1

Here’s what’s been going on during the first week:


Scraping peeling paint from the back of the house



And then repainting it


Repainting the trim around the windows


New front door and storm door (and a trash pile to go to the dump)


(mostly) first coat on the red door


Toilet…in a box…in the bedroom


Dog bed in the kitchen


Construction zone in the living room



Workshop in the smelly, spider infested sheds


Yay! More drywall repair in the kitchen!


Whew!  I’m tired!

This week we:

  • Replaced the lock on the back door (keypad, so I’ll never be locked out!)
  • Replaced the front door and added a storm door (thanks dad!)
  • Scraped the peeling paint from the siding and all windows (thanks mom!)
  • Started painting the trim around the windows (mom, again) and repainting the siding (thanks Benjamin Moore lady who color matched the existing color from a piece of paint scraped off)
  • Bought the new toilet
  • Cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets and put in shelf paper
  • Started painting the back door

It feels like we did so much more!  I’m so lucky to have retired, handy parents who are willing and able to help me out so much!  I can’t wait to start getting paint on the walls inside and thoroughly cleaning everything up.  I’m hoping that by next week’s wrap up it starts looking like we’re making progress!

The plumber comes on Thursday to make sure everything is working properly.  Fingers crossed that it does-I also want him to run the gas line to the kitchen (so we can tackle that next) and replace the faucet and knobs in the hall bathroom.

Back to work tomorrow 😦



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