Architectural Archaeologist

As we’re taking out doors and repairing walls I’m finding hints of what the last 105 years of owners did with the place.  I’m actually kind of obsessed with it-add Architectural Archaeologist to my list of dream jobs (along with TV ghost hunter.)  I seriously can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more that digging through the walls and basements of old houses looking for old wall paper, walls and paint (and also ghosts.)

Here’s what I’ve found so far at my house (so far no evidence of ghosts)


The old coal chute-with coal still in it!

ImageThe left side shows the lathe and plaster and the right shows what looks like siding.  We’re thinking that maybe this wall was the original front of the house and the living room areas were added on later.



Peach paint behind the old doorbell box

ImageGross old carpet under the vanity in the 1/2 bath.  Why they would spend all that time pulling up the carpet and refinishing those floors just to leave a nasty piece in there??

I can’t wait to see what else the house has in store for me!



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