I spoke too soon

Last week I mentioned that I hadn’t yet seen evidence of ghosts in my house.  I think I was wrong.  I know that many people don’t believe in ghosts but I’ve had too many experiences in my life to deny that some people may hang around after their body dies.

It was late nights painting alone at my house that first lead me to believe I wasn’t as alone as I had thought.  My house is old and it has old, loud floors.  I think someone (I hope a former owner, Matt, who I’ll tell you more about another day) likes to hang out in the kitchen.  Throughout the night I hear what I KNOW is shuffling footsteps in the kitchen.   You can call me crazy, I understand but if you ever want to come over to hear for yourself you’re welcome to.

While looking at pictures of the house I’ve found a progression of photos that I think show more and more activity.  Think what you’d like about orbs in photos.  You’ll tell me it’s dust and I’ll tell you it’s not.  These pictures were taken back to back with different areas (and in some pictures, in no areas) showing orb activity.  Check it out:


This picture was taken on day one.  No other pictures in that batch have any orbs.


This picture is from the second week.  Of all the bedroom pictures this is the only one with an orb.


This one is also from week 2.  Other than those two pictures, no others in this batch had orbs.


This was my bedroom tonight.


Wow!  There was a ghost party in my bedroom and I wasn’t invited!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Week 3’s wrap up.



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