The rest of Week 6

This has been a hectic week!  We (my mom and dad) finished the siding and I had my inspection to close out the repair escrow account on Friday.  We cut it so close that my mom was still painting when the inspectors showed up.  Luckily they were very nice people and they didn’t care that we were still finishing up.  They were generous in their complements of the house and even thought the trim my dad did around the front door was original to the house!  When my dad told him that he made it the inspector called him “very talented” (which he is!)

I spent the whole week getting ready for the baby shower I threw for my good friend last night but I did find time to take pictures of the laundry room and outside for ya.



The laundry room is getting better!  Henry has a spot in the corner (along with his toy box) that he really only uses for eating-he’d rather be in whatever room I’m in.






I can’t tell you how awesome it was to pull my car up to the back door last night!  Most days I don’t get out of work until midnight and I’m looking forward to being able to get from the car to the house quickly-especially since cold weather is coming soon!



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