Thrift Store Finds

I was going to use a catchy Macklemore-type title for this post but I realized I’m just not that cool.  And I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to.  Okay, sorry.

Anyways I had some free time before an appointment yesterday so I decided to do some thrift shopping.  I went to my (old) favorite but was disappointed.  They don’t price anything and I hate asking.  For example I went about a year ago and saw an iron headboard that wasn’t priced so I asked a person walking around.  They said, “$50.00.”  So I staff shopped and asked the girl at the cash register and she said, “$7.00.”  SOLD!  It’s now in my bedroom.  My point is I feel like nobody there really knows what’s going on.  They had nothing I liked yesterday so I moved on to another store.

Here’s what I found:


Yikes, really blurry!

The luggage rack was $10 and I plan to use it as a side table in the guest room with a wooden tray on the top.  The baskety tray was $2, the metal tray was $4 and the brand new Threshold from Target ceramic baskets were $3 each.

I knew I wanted to paint that tray for the guest room and figured I would use the light aqua from the living room or I would be boring and I would spray it white.


But then I noticed the pattern and decided to do something crazy:


I know I want some yellow in the guest room and thought this would be a fun place to start.  As I was painting I found myself getting lost in the pattern so I went through and pre-marked all the lines I wanted to be yellow.


I liked the grain showing through so I decided to just do one coat of the yellow.  (The color is…yellow and I think the brand is Apple Crate (maybe barrel) Paints from Wal-Mart.)

Then I got even crazier:


This color is Laguna, same brand of paint.


I did two coats of the Laguna (a greeny teal) and decided that I liked leaving some of it unpainted.  I might live with it for awhile and decide to fill it all in but for now I really like it.

Since the paint and brush were in my craft closet already this project only cost me $2!  Now I’m on the hunt for a table for the other side of the bed to put this bad boy on!



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