You know how when you start packing you group like things together?  All the kitchen stuff in boxes, neatly taped and clearly labeled?  Those boxes are awesome to unpack.  Then you know how you get to the end and you walk around your house with a box throwing all your random crap into it, not caring which room it belongs in?  Those boxes suck.  Those are the boxes I have left.  They’re a huge pain in the rear to unpack so I’m just ignoring them.  Instead I went thrift shopping again 🙂

Here’s what I found this week:




The chair is sturdy and I like finish.  I slid that baby up to my desk and didn’t change a thing.

The lamp on the other hand was bad.  I’m just not a brass kind of girl so I spray painted it:

ImageLove that Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint!  I plopped a $10.00 Wal-Mart shade on this sucker and called it done.


I love the chair with the desk and I think I love the lamp on my buffet-it just needs to be taller.  I don’t love the basket under it so I’m thinking some cool old books (or something) will give it height and some interest.


Ahhhh, I’ve already (almost) forgotten about those random boxes (and the guest room I haven’t touched.)

My mother and I are digging holes for fence posts tomorrow so if all goes well I’ll be back in the afternoon for this week’s wrap up.


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