Week 10

By Week 10 I mean last week.  I also mean here are the few pictures that I got around to taking in Week 10.  A rough cold slowed me down and killed my motivation.  The good news is Week 11’s pictures have already been taken and will be up in a couple of days.

The big deal this week was the back yard:



Over the course of three days we dug the holes, set the posts, bought more posts and fencing and put it up.


See that fence in the background?  It enclosed the yard when the sheds were up but since we tore them down the panels have just been hanging out there (and holding up my neighbor’s rock wall…)  With those panels I had 24 feet already so I only had to buy 5 posts and two fence panels and my dad made the gate out of the extra.




In the spring I’ll work on setting up a garden area and working on some grass.  The white picket fence in the back isn’t ideal but it keeps Henry in and it’s already up so I’m leaving it for now.

The only other room that saw improvements was the guest room:


The bed is cleared off!  And I have a comforter that actually fits inside the duvet cover now.  I can’t wait for my first guests!

I promise this week I won’t be a slacker!  The time I didn’t spend fence building or working I spent sleeping or getting addicted to The Voice.  How have I not watched this before?!?  I wasn’t a huge American Idol fan (and I don’t love Christina…) but Blake and Adam crack me up!  I’m glad I’ve been recording it the last few weeks so I had something to watch when I didn’t feel like doing anything!

In addition to my wrap up of Week 11 I also have another successful Pinterest project to show you and I’m hoping to get a little thrifting in too!



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