Thanks Pinterest!

Like everyone on Pinterest I saw the pins for the large engineer prints every time I logged in.  I loved how they looked and was excited by how reasonable the project seemed to be.

The only reason I put off doing it was….I was embarrassed to go into the store to ask for the engineer print…I’m kind of neurotic I guess.  I was worried that the poor office supply store people would be sick of dealing with the thousands of Pinterest addicted people trying to get cheap, meaningful art.

I finally sucked it up and went to Office Depot and asked.  They weren’t irritated because they don’t do engineer prints and therefore have not been slammed by crazy Pinners.  There isn’t another office supply store in town so I went with their large format printing.

For $25.00 I got:


A 24×30 print, foam board, spray adhesive and masking tape


Side note: That’s my family in 1981.  I’m sure right now you’re saying, “Self, I thought this blog was written by a girl but that arrow seems to be pointing to that cute little boy on his dad’s shoulders.”  Well, you’re mostly right.  I am a girl (and was even then!) and I am cutely sitting on my dad’s shoulders.  Obviously I didn’t get good hair until I was much older!

Back to my cheap art:  Office Depot didn’t have the right sized foam board and I was boycotting Wal-Mart that day (long story) so I got the 20×30″ foam board and trimmed the picture down.  Then I put the foam board on a piece of cardboard and sprayed the adhesive on it.  Luckily I got repositionable spray adhesive so I was able to move it and adjust it several times to get it right.  Once I got the picture in place I used the orange masking tape to cover the edges and make sure everything stays stuck down.


I’ve seen other bloggers and pinners paint the edges or finish it off with ribbon but I like the little extra insurance the masking tape gives.  I was also looking for a pop of color up above the mantle and I like that the orange is unexpected.  I’m not in love with the other stuff on the mantle so you’ll probably see that change with each set of weekly pictures until I get it right.

This project was so easy (and cheap!) that I’m sure I’ll do it again when I find another picture that I love.



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