Paper Wreath

Bored at work one day this week I searched Etsy for a paper leaf wreath.  Holy cow-super expensive…but super cute too!  So I made my own!


I knew I wanted to put it in my living room so I pulled out a bunch of scrapbooking papers that I thought would look good in there.


Then I found a box to use as the foundation for my wreath.  I have no idea where I got this box from-I don’t eat Tilapia.  I ended up using two lids from my Wolfgang Puck cookware to make the outer and inner circles.


Then I cut out both circles


And picked the papers I liked the best.


Then I drew out a basic leaf shape and traced it over, and over, and over again.  Then I cut them.all.out.  That took forever!


While I like the ones where all the leaves lay flat I decided I wanted this one to have more dimension.  I folded each leaf in half length wise and then put a staple in at the end so it would kind of curl up.  Then I placed the two outside leaves on the cardboard first and then put the one down in the middle.  I put a couple staples in each row just to keep it secure.  I didn’t have any pattern to choosing which colors and patterns would go where.  I just picked one up and if I liked it I stapled it down.


Then I worked my way around


Until all the cardboard was covered.  You can see that I had some problems with the inside ring of leaves.  I wanted them all to be sticking straight out to the center of the wreath but I seemed to have lost my way somewhere.  It doesn’t bother me enough to redo this one but I’ll try to pay more attention when I make more.


Originally I planned for it to go above the door out to the entryway but it was just too small.


So I put it next to the door instead.

This project was (mostly) free!  I had all the supplies on hand (I say mostly because I did buy them all at some point) so not only did I not have to shell out any money to complete it, I also didn’t have to take off my sweats to leave the house!  I think from start (picking out the papers) to finish (hanging it on the wall) this project took me about three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Right now I want to make one for every room but I’m holding back-I could easily end up with one on every wall in every room!



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