Choosing Paint

It took me so long to find my house (and buy it) that I had plenty of time to choose paint colors.

I didn’t do the whole “hang up samples” or “paint up swatches” thing-I just went for it and overall I’m pleased with what I picked.

I don’t have a picture of the guest room (which is funny because it’s probably my favorite color in the house!) but it’s Olympic’s Azalea Leaf.


The color I was most excited about was Valspar’s Almost Charcoal (please excuse the bad photography!)  While I like it and it’s a pretty color, it turned a little blue when I got it up on all the walls.  It still matches my vision of the room but it’s not perfect.


I also knew I wanted a subtle, pink bathroom so I went with Olympic’s Plaster Pink.


I’m still very happy with this pick!


I went back and forth about what to do in the hall bathroom.  Originally I thought a light tan with some beachy pictures and shells.  Then I saw a navy bathroom with white beadboard and my mind was changed!


I went with Olympic’s Calvary which has a slight grey tone to it so it’s not too overpowering

ImageLet’s be honest though, anything would have been an improvement over that purple!


This has probably been the most controversial color in my house.  Some people think it’s yellow while others think it’s neon green.  It reminds me of a toned down version of the Crayola Spring Green crayon and it’s exactly what I wanted!  I saw this chip in a Valspar display and made a beeline for it!


The color in the main living area is a Sherwin Williams paint called Macadamia.  Originally I wasn’t sold:


Remember when my walls were mustard yellow and ketchup red?  Yeah I almost forgot too…  A friend of my mothers was given a 5 gallon bucket of this paint and offered it to me.  I put up a couple of swatches and wasn’t impressed.  I Googled pictures of this color in other houses and found enough that I liked that I decided to go for it.


And I ended up loving it!  It’s a perfect tan-not too yellow or orange-and I really like how it makes the baseboards pop.

I knew I wanted to do a different color on the other side of the arch and went back and forth with some ideas and finally landed on this really light aqua.


Olympic’s Free Spirit.  It reads a little more blue than aqua but overall I’m happy with it.

Originally I wasn’t going to do anything in the entry way…then I realized that was ridiculous!


Valspar’s Bay Waves is actually more subtle in person.  I’d say it’s one step up from white.  It has also become my go-to color for painting things in other rooms.  The printer table and picture ledges in my living room both got a couple coats of Bay Waves and so did the vanity in the master bath.

Then I went really crazy and did this to my entryway closet:



Valspar’s Poppy Petal.  It’s awfully pink in this picture but in real life it’s a beautiful coral color.  The closet door stays closed so the only glimpse of it you get it through those gorgeous panes of glass!

I’m sure the little old man who used to own my house probably rolled over in his grave when I painted TWO rooms in the house pink!

I have no idea what color is up in my laundry room but it doesn’t matter-I’m getting closer to figuring out what I want to do in there…and it’s kinda crazy!



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