Pinterest Fail

Pinterest let me down this week.

In my searches for a cheap headboard this week I came across the same idea over and over-rubber “iron like” floor mats spray painted, framed and hung on the wall.

Headboard from rubber floor mat. Surprised how good this looks.

This woman is a genius!  Rubber floor mats people!  It’s gorgeous!  Her instructions were easy to follow so I decided to go for it!  Target didn’t have a huge selection of the rubber mats but I was happy with the one I found:

Smith & Hawken® Decorative Black Rubber Door mat

It was going to be a little short width wise but it was only $21.59 so I thought it was worth a try!


It didn’t work.  I did three thin coats of spray paint that was supposed to work on rubber.  It didn’t.


Not at all.


Not even a little bit.

All was not lost though because the paint is coming off in sheets so I expect it’ll be back to black in no time.  It’s (obviously) still functional as a door mat so it’s outside my laundry room door now.

Never fear though-after a round of thrift shopping today I found a better solution!  Stay tuned for that!



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