My Secret Talent

Put me in a thrift store where there is one item from Pottery Barn and I WILL find it!


Today there were two!



I got the candle holder, pillow and square silver plate at the first store I went to today for $2.17.  Score!

The mirror and bulletin board were $13.  I’m sure my mother is looking at this picture and screaming at her computer.  (she dropped off a bulletin board exactly like this one yesterday)  Don’t worry mom, I have a plan!


The candle holder ended up in my bedroom

ImageThe gold mirror landed in the guest room


And, of course, the plate is up on the wall.

The bulletin board required a little work before I could use it:


That’s right!  Today’s bulletin board and the one from my mom got new lives as a headboard in my guest room!

I hit up the consignment shop in town earlier this week and was not disappointed!


These candle holders are on my desk now


This guy was quite a find!  Originally I thought it was a newer, big box store piece but once I started looking at it (and consulting with my mother) I think it’s an old Phonograph cabinet.  The bottom is now filled with blankets, candles, picture frames, etc.  (basically all the stuff that was cluttering up my guest room!)

The candle holders were $4.00 and the cabinet was $40.00.  Everything was 10% off so with tax I paid $43.00!

I’m hoping my friend Cortny and I can meet up for some thrift shopping in the “big city” in the next couple weeks!  If we do, you know I’ll share 🙂



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