Coffee Filter Garland

I don’t remember where I first saw these but I became sort of obsessed this week.  I debated about doing pom poms with the filters but decided a garland would be a nice place to start decorating over my bed.


First I bought 200 coffee filters for $1.99.  Then I filled a bowl with warm water (warm because I didn’t want my hands to get cold!) and put some filters in it.


Two things I learned at this exact moment: 1. I don’t have cute hands and 2. Doing the filters one by one was going to take forever.


So I squeezed and wrung out the water from as many as I could at once.


And then straightened them and laid them out on a kitchen towel.  I did this.200.times.


I thought they’d be delicate when they were wet but I only tore one-and I wasn’t gentle!  I left all the filters on the kitchen counter and went to work.


By the next morning they were dry and I was ready to craft!


I debated about making rosettes from the filters and stringing them but it was too labor intensive!


Instead I stacked up as many as my needle could go through and threaded them onto a piece of ribbon.


Once I had them all strung on the ribbon I picked up one at a time and scrunched it and fluffed it until I liked how it looked.  200 times.


Until it looked like this!  I measured nothing and just hung it and moved it until I liked how it looked.  This wall still looks unfinished…I’m thinking maybe a cute doily garland for more texture.

These are my favorite kinds of projects!  I don’t mind something labor intensive as long as it’s cheap!



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