Laundry Room Plans

Here we go!


Henry thinks the recycling bins are his toy boxes.  To solve this I think a bench built over them would keep him out but then also give me a place to sit as I put on/take off my shoes.


Eventually I’ll get a washer and dryer…


While we’re gussying the place up I think we should shorten these permanently and get rid of the zip ties.


And now the paint!  For the ceiling I’m doing a soft aqua green (Neon Mint from Valspar) and a creamy white (Honeymilk, also Valspar.)  I knew what I wanted in here but wanted to be sure I had the right colors so I just got samples of these and painted up swatches.  Before any more color goes up everything is getting a coat of Killz.

The current tan doesn’t seem dark on it’s own but after painting up these much lighter colors I’m getting really excited that this room will be clean and bright!


And finally my dad came up with a new solution for the 1/2 wall.  He’s making a bookshelf that will appear to be built in.  It will give me more storage in here and also stabilize this wall.

This room has been horribly neglected because I just didn’t have any ideas.  Now that there’s a plan I can’t wait to get it done!



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