Laundry Room Phase I

I’m so grateful for my laundry room!  If I didn’t have it all of this stuff:

would have been all over my house during the construction weeks.

Now I’m ready for it to be a light, clean, uncluttered space.

You might remember that I’ve picked out paint and my dad has plans to build a bookcase in the place of the 1/2 wall but before that’s all done I wanted to show you what a difference a (two) coat of primer makes:


Holy brightness!


And here it is during the day!

And just because I love this kind of stuff here it is at Week 2 and at Week 17:


I originally didn’t think the tan was that dark but notice the lights on in the picture on the left?  It was like a cave in there with the lights out-even during the day!

The new colors will go up in the next week but I wouldn’t count on this place being cleaned up until Week 19 🙂



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