Some Confessions

I don’t follow directions

I’m pretty sure there are temperature rules for spray painting.  Mostly that you’re not supposed to spray paint when it’s too cold…probably a good way to tell that it’s too cold to spray paint is snow covering the ground of your “spray paint area.”


I don’t measure stuff

This is probably not been that bad in my house where measuring really doesn’t help.  It’s almost impossible to find a level/square/flat stretch of wall to use as a guide so I just eyeball everything.


That could be why my bedroom walls look like they’re covered in pimple cream.

I keep my house pretty cold


This is my brother over his winter break.  He’s fully clothed, in a hoodie, under a down comforter, duvet, fleece blanket and sleeping bag.  57° is perfect for me but maybe not everyone…

I love catching my pets in embarrassing poses

ImageAwww poor Prudie!

This was fun!  Stay tuned for more!



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