Getting Rid of a Death Trap

If you read that title and knew that the scary half wall in the laundry room is gone, I love you.

If you don’t remember, it looked like this:


A. not pretty

B. not useful

C. not safe (a person falling quickly would have just taken the wall down those stairs with them.)

Here’s we got rid of it: (starring my mom and dad)


1.  Take out all the screws.  For a rickety death trap, it actually had quite a few screws!

Image2. You would think this very important wall would be heavier, seeing as, in theory, it should save lives, but no-my mom moved it out of place and took it to the driveway!


2.5.  Remember how bad that tan was.


3. Sweep up the dust (after taking pictures…)


4.  Find a dad who will make a custom, packed with storage, sturdy bookcase to take the place of the death trap.


4.5.  Realize that this bookcase makes you want to repaint those stairs and finally tackle the basement.


6.  Sit and stare for a while


7.  Quickly realize that people are coming over in a few hours and you still need to cook, shower and set up.  Put stuff on the shelves (knowing you’ll have to take it right off to paint it.)

Image8.  Okay, one more picture won’t hurt


So that’s how we turned this drop-your-crap-and-get-to-a-prettier-room room into a nice, more welcoming area.  While I don’t see myself hanging out in the laundry room on the regular, I do see myself eager to show it off.  It’s also not embarrassing to have people hanging out in my kitchen looking into this room anymore.

Next up for the laundry room:

1. making the lights permanently shorter

2. putting in a bench to cover the recycling bins

3. add more art

4. paint those stairs

5. get a washer and dryer

Obviously you can see my priorities!



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