First Annual Hollywood Game Night

Have you seen this yet?  Watch the whole show, every time it’s on.  You won’t be disappointed.

After two episodes I decided I need to throw my own.  I created the invite on Facebook and recruited some friends.


The plan was two teams of 4 with me as the hostess.  I put out all of the acceptable seating I had and luckily, it worked out perfectly!  I could have done without Henry’s nasty, chewed bones on the floor though…

My hosting duties gave me little time to take pictures so I handed it off to a five year old.  The rest pictures are coming soon.

Here are the few she got of the players:




Three of the four members of Team 2: Shanna, Jarrod and Nancy

Here are the few I got of games being played:


On the right is Team 1: Christine, Barb, Denise and Lyndsey (standing)

One adult didn’t come so 5 year old Lyndsey had to fill in.  It’s a good thing she’s a creepy baby genius because she actually hung in pretty well.  This is them playing “One Word Clues” where each of them is using one word to try to get Lyndsey to guess the answer.  She got 3 right.


Here’s Denise playing “How Do You Do?”  This one wasn’t as successful.  It turns out humming songs is really hard!

I haven’t laughed this hard in years!  I’m already planning the next game night along with a Pinterest party and an Oscar party.  I’m so excited!



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