Why I Love/Hate Etsy

I love Etsy, except that it messes with my mind.

For example:

I see this

Beef Chart Art Print, Chefs Wall Decor, Rustic, Distressed Cow, Steer, Cattle, Western

and think, “yes, a cool country kitchen that’s kind of rustic and kind of weird.”

Then I see this

SAN FRANCISCO Travel Poster, Retro Pop Artwork, Giclee Fine Art Print, Home Decor, Wall Art (blue version)

combined with these

Explore Kauai - Series - 12 x 18 Retro Hawaii Prints

and I think, “oooh, what a cool idea for a travel wall in the kitchen”

Then I see this

A Party Without Cake Is Just a Meeting /// Julia Child Quote /// Art Print

and say, “Yes!  That’s it!  I’ll do a cool kithceny kitchen with fun quotes and kitchen art like this!”

Kitchen Print - Measurement Chart - Kitchen Typography

So basically Etsy has convinced me that I need a bigger house with three kitchens.

Don’t even get me started on the other rooms!



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