My First February Thifts

Yesterday I hit up the two thrift stores in town in a search for plates for a craft project I’m hosting next week.  I struck out on that one but found some other gems:


I got that chair and the basket for $5 each and the picture was $3.


I’m leaving the chair as is, painting the frame white and adding it in my bedroom and using the basket to catch mail in my laundry room.

The next store I went to also let me down on the supplies I needed but I found something(s) better!


Yup-three IKEA RIBBA frames-two new and one almost new.  The frames were scratch free and they were only $7 each so I snatched them up.  They’re huge-19 3/4 x 19 3/4 and are $17.99 new!

I was feeling pretty good but decided to press my luck so when my friend and I went to the big city today I made a point to hit my favorite thrift store in town (still looking for those supplies…)


Obviously it’s the same chair-Prudie’s new favorite spot!  I found these three trays for 69¢ each!  Wooohooo!


I also found this box of Quirky Quotes (with stand!) for 99¢.  Sure it’s not very housey but the cards are so cute!

I did find the supplies I needed at this store (whew!)  I’m not showing you yet though because they’re for my Pinterest Party next week and I want you to be surprised!

My final steal wasn’t from a thrift store but it might as well have been:


I’m a sucker for that honeycomb pattern and the burlap shade made me swoon!  The fact that it was 87% off made me weak in the knees!  I’m not sold on the orange but I think a crisp white will make it perfect for my guest room!

I’m still on the lookout for a small table to put beside my bed but I’m confident I’ll find something (and have a great time looking!)



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