34 Things

Today is my 34th birthday.  To celebrate I’m showing you my list of 34 things I want to do in my 34th year.

1.  Use a power saw.  It scares the crap out of me but I’m determined to do it.  Maybe just once though.

2.  Finish A room in my house.  Right now it’s looking like the tiny master bath.

3.  Do a 5K color run.  The one in Denver might come up sooner than I’m ready but I’m going to go for it!

4.  Buy a couch.  Specifically this one.

FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed IKEA You can place the chaise lounge section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like.

5.  See the ocean.  I’ve seen it many times before but it’s been 2 years and I’m ready to see it again.

6.  Train Henry to ride in the backseat of the car.

7.  Read 34 books.  Follow me here (username Aliqua80)

8.  Go on a ghost hunt

9.  Replace the window in my laundry room with a door

10.  Plant some flowers

11.  Sell something pretty that I made

12.  Host a party at my house at least once a month.

13.  Become more tech savvy.  I want to learn more about webpages and start doing cool things with my blog.

14.  Learn how to fix small things on my car myself.  (like how to keep my door from squeaking and how to fix my wonky seat belt)

15.  Start attending City Council meetings

16.  Join a knitting/crocheting group

17.  Do something crafty once a day.

18.  Cook something with an ingredient I’ve never used before.

19.  Finish the MS Muckfest.  Check it out here.

20.  Keep my car clean.  Right now I’m thinking completing the Muckfest would be easier than this!

21.  Stay on track with weekly updates on Tuesdays.

22.  Complete a scrapbook about the first year with my house.

23. Clean and organize my basement.  This might take all year.

24.  Grow, harvest and eat food from my own garden.

25.  Sell/give away all of the things I have that I don’t need/want/love any more.

26.  Take a picture of our family now (as opposed to the one I have hanging up from 1981.)

27.  Clean and mount the elk antlers Henry brought home one night.  (This job is going to be gross.)

28.  Create a Facebook page for my blog.

29.  Write 5 blog posts a week

30. Ahem, finally get Instagram and Twitter accounts

31.  Pick up a habit that makes me meet new people (more going to the dog park than going to the bar.)

32.  Buy a french press.  I don’t drink coffee but I’d like to be able to offer it to my guests!

33.  Keep my houseplants alive.

34.  Change my cellphone provider.  I.hate.Verizon.



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