Filling a frame

Remember this post?

What started off as a joke turned into an obsession.  I thought and thought and thought about it and decided I NEEDED to order one of those Kauai prints.  So I did:


Okay, so this one wasn’t in that original post but some of the artist’s other work was.  As I was browsing through those I found this one and went for it.  When my family was visiting Kauai we went to this lighthouse several times.  We saw whales and monk seals and even ran into some people from the tiny Colorado town just 9 miles from us.  I knew I had to have it.


I know it doesn’t match my Pike Place print perfectly but I love that they’re from two awesome places that I’ve been.  I don’t have any trips planned to exotic locations this year (unless you count Oregon and Michigan!) but hope to get prints from those places too

I ordered this one here and I see at least one more in my future!

For now I’m happy to finally have something in that frame!



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