My IKEA List

I’m very excited about the very busy weeks I have coming up.  First, on the second, I have my Oscar Party (info coming soon!) then on the 7th I’m cruising over the mountains for my very good friend’s baby shower.  While in the big, big, big city (Denver) I have a long, long, long, long list of things I want to do.

First my brother is taking me on his “thrift store circuit” around Boulder and Denver.  I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am for that!  I also need to hit up the newly opened Trader Joe’s and I want to hit up at Home Goods.  I also, of course, will probably spend so much time in IKEA that I have no time left for TJ’s or Home Goods (but let’s hope not!)

Of course, worked into my crazy plan to hit up all these places I also plan to spend some QT with my brother, his girlfriend and my mama-to-be friend and eat some delicious food.  I’m sure I’ll also miss Henry and Prudie like crazy while I’m gone.

As I have a lot to get done in three short days I have made a list of things I want to pick up while I’m at IKEA.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

RIBBA Picture ledge IKEA The picture ledge makes it easy to vary your favorite motifs as often as you like.

1.  The RIBBA picture ledge in both lengths (22 3/4″ and 45 1/4″) which I plan to install along the top of the bead board in my bathroom.

RIBBA Frame IKEA You can enhance and add depth to your picture by using the accompanying mount when you frame it.

2.  The RIBBA frame in medium brown to replace the blue frames in my laundry room

MAGGA Basket IKEA Each basket is woven by hand and is therefore unique.

3.  MAGGA baskets for the bookshelf in my laundry room.  I’m hoping that this pattern closely matches the patterns on the baskets I already have.

RISKORN Plant pot IKEA A plastic inner pot makes the plant pot waterproof.

4.  I think the RISKORN plant pot will be cute in my guest room

ERSÄTTA Block candle holder IKEA

5.  I want a couple of these ERSATTA block candle holders in a few different sizes for my mantle

TEJN Faux sheepskin IKEA The faux sheepskin is super soft, warm and cozy. Ideal as a rug or draped across your favorite armchair.

6.  And of course, Prude needs this TEJN faux sheepskin to sleep on in front of the window in my bedroom!



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