Need To-dos

When I moved in I had ideas of what I wanted to do.  Now that I’ve been living there for almost 6 months that list has fallen to the wayside in favor of the need to do list.

For example, it’s Spring here in Colorado (yay!) which means mud.  Mud everywhere.


Including on the side of my house.


This end of my driveway used to be yard (remember those sheds??) so it’s not packed down the way the rest of my driveway is.  After one long day of work I pulled into my driveway and got stuck.  Completely stuck.  So stuck that I had to put my car in 4 Low and rock it forwards and backwards to get it out.

Need to do #1: pave the driveway.

Next up is my closet.  I was thrilled that someone in my house’s history decided to put a walk in closet in here.  I just wish they had also decided to put in some flooring over the plywood.


Need to do #2: find an inexpensive (because who really goes in my closet…besides all of you?) flooring option for in here

And finally


I’m sure you’re scratching your head right now wondering what I could possibly want to do in here but let me give you a hint:


That look on his face?  Shady as heck.  This face says, “oh please let me outside!  I promise I won’t run away!”  This face lies.

So I need a door.


Need to do #3: replace that window with a door so I can let Henry directly out to the back yard.

Sure I still want base boards in every room.  And a gas insert in my living room.  And for my basement to be finished.  And a million other things.  But what I want more is a driveway that doesn’t try to swallow my car, a way to let my dog out without him running away and a floor that doesn’t give my feet splinters.

I’ll keep you updated.



2 thoughts on “Need To-dos

  1. Check with the Town of Rifle to see if they have any millings available. Sometimes you can pick these up for a little bit of nothing for them to just get rid of them. They will pack down and be just like asphalt, but way cheaper.

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