One Man’s Trash

has become my treasure.

You see, a few weeks ago I noticed that someone in a house down the street from me was putting furniture out on their curb.  It started with a desk and then came a beat up entertainment center.  Then one night, on my way to the movies, I noticed a lawn mower, smoker, chairs and spreader (for fertilizer/seed) joined the broke down furniture.

I liked the chairs but was too scared to grab them in broad daylight.  My mom is usually the scavenger (thanks mom!) and I debated about calling her but had a movie to get to so I posted on Facebook.  My concern was that if I took them and they weren’t free I’d be a thief and end up in jail.  (Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but still!)  I consulted with my Facebook friends and the friend who came to the movies with me and decided it was worth a closer look at the chairs.

So, in the cover of night my friend Denise and I saddled up next to the chairs and checked them out.  They were sturdy and just enough worn down that I could believe they were being given away.  Just to be safe though I went up and knocked on the door.  There was no answer so we loaded them in my Jeep and off we went.

I got home and put them on my back patio but didn’t really check them out closely until the next morning.


They’re very comfortable and just begging for a makeover!


My plan is to sand out the rough patches and paint them.  I’m leaning towards a bright yellow but am also considering orange and turquoise but I’d love your suggestions!




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