IKEA Shopping Spree

Remember this post?  There were a lot of things I hoped to pick up while at IKEA but once I saw/smelled/touched some of them I realized that I didn’t really want them.

The RIBBA picture ledges would have been winners (and truth be told I’ll probably still get some eventually) but I found two picture ledges (that ended up being perfectly sized) for $2.99 for both.  I saved $20+ and wasn’t at all sad.

The RIBBA frames just didn’t work out for my travel wall so I passed on them

The MAGGA baskets were really floppy and I really need something that will hold itself up to hold random things I want to hide from guests

The RISKORN plant pots were adorable but teeny tiny

And finally the TEJN faux sheepskin was super cute (and I still really want one!) but it smelled terrible.  Bad bad.  So bad I didn’t know if I could ride in the car with it all the all the way home.  Is this typical or did my IKEA just get a bad batch?

I’m sure you’re wondering what I did get, right?


Well, just two bags full.


The ERSATTA block candle holders did not disappoint me!  I love that they’re metal so I can spray paint them a million times as I move them from room to room.  For now though, I’m happy with them on my mantle:


I’m also really happy with those cool beehive patterned candles.

A corkscrew and whisk, because I really needed them and I got those two 20×20 pillows to put inside the H&M pillow covers I bought ages ago.

I also bought two of these bowls to replace my large metal bowl (which is now Henry’s water dish.)


Bag 2:


Hangers, hangers, hangers.  I love these hangers!  I had hoped that this lot would allow me to switch out all my plastic hangers for these wooden ones but, alas, no.  I’m still going to need more. :/

How cute are these cookie cutters??  I couldn’t resist!

That paper towel holder was a total impulse buy but I’m so happy with it!

I also got those hooks to put up in my entryway:


Now my guests have places to hang their purses (and short coats) to keep them up off the floor.

I am only regretting one thing:

ASKHOLMEN Table and 4 armchairs IKEA

I was worried that I wouldn’t have room my my car for this so I left it behind.  Now I’m sorry.  The chairs were sturdy and comfortable and it was the perfect size for my backyard.  I’m pretty sure I’ll beg my brother (Hi Sam!) to grab this for me the next time he comes to visit.

So there’s my IKEA shopping haul.  I spent only an hour in the store and didn’t get lost once :).  I’m already excited to go back!


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