Mardi Gras Party!

A very precocious five year old invited me to a Mardi Gras Party last week.

I made my first King Cake but in Tiny Town, Colorado there was not a tiny plastic baby to be found.


So I used a tiny plastic dinosaur.



The food was delicious!


Me and the hostess


And then things went bad.  Lyndsey had a meltdown but the rest of the Walkers look great!


Annnnd she’s back.  Guess who’s King for the Day?!




One thought on “Mardi Gras Party!

  1. So my favorite was when she said ” um mom, can I give this dinner up for Lent!?” she still has not chosen something to give up!!! She also reminds us that she won the dinosaur!!! btw the cake was awesome!!! we did not prefer the lemon one to the original…but Lyndsey did!~

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