New Lighting

You would think with this enormous window in my kitchen lighting wouldn’t be a problem.  But it is.

If I try to wash dishes at night I end up with my back to the only light in the room making it difficult to get things really clean.Image

So I want to put in a new light.  Or, more accurately, I want an electrician to put in a new light for me.ImageI found this shade at a thrift store in Durango last summer.  I think I paid $2 for it.  I’m hoping that next month (if the new laundry room door allows…) I’ll be able to shoot over to Lowe’s to get the pendant kit (is that a thing?) to be hung over the sink, just above the window.

What do you think?




3 thoughts on “New Lighting

  1. You need to take the shade to lowes and make sure the couplet or fixture ring thingy supports it and Jarrod will install it. Also may we suggest a light added to your office area something like a dome fixture would be fine so you would have extra light with the lamp for pintrest parties !!!!

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