First, I know it’s been a while.  I have a bunch of posts ready so you all can see that I really have been busy!  This post is not house related at all but in March I tried Barkbox for the first time and I wanted to show you what I got and what Henry thought of it.







Treats were the whole reason I decided or try Barkbox.  Henry is the pickiest dog ever and I thought this was a good way to find some treats that he likes without spending an arm and a leg.



Jackpot!  Henry LOVES these treats!



Henry will eat these but the first ones are definitely his favorite!



He also loves that egg ball.  It bounces in an unpredictable pattern (so it ends up under furniture most of the time) and Henry will chase it all over the house.  That newspaper though?



Mmmmm, no.



This chew was stinky.  It grossed me out.  But not Henry:



(love those whiskers!)

I paid $19 for just one month just to try it out.  I don’t think we have a need for a box a month but I can see doing this a couple of times a year.  My only complaint was that Duck Chew-I signed Henry up as a big dog and he had that thing shredded in less than 10 minutes.  This dog needs things he can chew on for hours!



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