The Fall

When I tell people I hurt my shoulder during a fall down some stairs I’m sure they picture cushy, carpeted stairs and think I’m a huge wuss.



Last Tuesday I was watering my lawn when my hose got a kink in it.  The hose was wrapped around my left side so I stepped back with my right foot.  This normally wouldn’t be a problem except there was no ground under that foot and I tumbled into the stairwell.



Those stairs are not cushy or carpeted.  I really am glad that this happened to me and not one of my guests so I went out in search of supplies to keep it from happening again.



That fence isn’t going to stop anyone from falling but it will hopefully remind people that they’re close to the edge and give them a chance to move away before they go careening in.



These stairs are also really dark at night so I was thrilled to find these solar lights I can aim down towards the walk way.





Do I love that fence?  No but it’ll work until I think of something better.





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