More Outside Updates



I resisted these at Wal-Mart for weeks but finally snatched them up last week.



I have had this oooooollllllldddd toolbox for about a year.  I bought it at a yard sale for $1 but never really had plans for it.



See?  Oooooollllllldddd!



So I filled it with rocks and dirt and turned it into a planter.





I planted the peonies along the rock wall in the front of my house.  There’s not really anything to see yet.



I also planted 75 gladiolus bulbs in these beds too.  I can’t wait for things to start coming up!



6 thoughts on “More Outside Updates

  1. I bought the same peony sarah bernhardt bulbs a few weeks ago. They are my pampered princess. I have them inside, in front of a window & each little new leaf that appears, I could clap for joy. Two for 1.00 hear. Good luck with yours. ~amy

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