Thank You Harbor Freight!

In March I bought this mirror and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

(Found here.)

I thought finding the mirror would be hard (because I’m cheap) but it turns out finding the rope is what held this project up.

Enter my fall and my dad’s insistence that we go to “town” to find something to keep it from happening again.  Oh, and while we were there, he said, we might as well stop by Harbor Freight.  Best store ever, right?  Okay, maybe not if you need throw pillows and ribbon but if you need glue sticks, magnets, paint rollers or…ROPE…it’s perfect!


Truth be told I don’t remember exactly how much this rope was but I know it was under $5 (again, because I’m cheap) making my cute little nautical mirror under $10!


Since I knew I wasn’t going to be hanging the mirror with the rope I just used hot glue and it seems to still be working.  I wasn’t sure how many times around I wanted to go so I just stepped back and checked it out after each round.  Also, it’s really hard to photograph a craft involving mirrors without getting your reflection in there!


I didn’t think two was enough so I went for a third row around and I think I’m happy with it.


Right now it’s sitting on this shelf in my bathroom but soon I want to figure out a way to hang it above the bead board on the opposite wall.  I just don’t think that vent deserves that much attention!


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