An Overwhelming Undertaking

A month ago I would have told you that my front yard was beautiful.  In fact, I think I did.

Now, not so beautiful.



Sure, there are some patches that look good but overall, no.  Dirt spots and weeds are taking over!



This is the flower bed in front of my living room window.  The tulips are pretty much done so I’m going to dig them up and relocate them.  Then I plan to dump more dirt in here and plant some flower seeds.  I just want it to look like it was planned rather than forgotten.



Cutting off the lower branches in the front yard was the best decision I’ve made so far.  I’m going to rake up all those old needles and plant columbines underneath.



Weeds were coming up in the front flower bed but so were flowers!  While not all 75 gladiolus bulbs have popped up yet I’m thrilled to see some of my hard work pay off!



In the foreground you can see those peonies pinking up!  So far all 6 are thriving!  In the background you can also see the weeds that have overtaken the western side of my yard.  I weeded the front flower beds this morning and started in on the yard but I just didn’t have the energy to do the whole thing.  I started out pulling by hand and digging out the root but I quickly realized that there had to be a faster way to get the job done.  I also realized that the weeds had gotten so thick toward the front of the lawn that they hadn’t let any grass come up.  So, realizing that there was no grass to save I pulled out the shovel and started digging each plant up.  I filled three grocery bags and then made a pile on my front walk.  My trash can is 1/4 full (you’re welcome for not posting a picture of that!) and I barely made a dent.  My plan is to dig out the rest over the next few days and then smooth out the dirt.  I’d like to see how much grass will come up now that it has room to grow but I know I’m going to end up putting down more seed within the next few weeks.



And then there’s the tree lawn.  I have no idea what to do down here.  I don’t want to do grass because this will be a difficult area to water.  Right now I’m thinking about clearing out the weeds (I kinda like the stumps!) and just putting out a wildflower mix.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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