Remember waaay back in March when those geniuses at Young House Love announced they were selling a line of hooks at Target?  Also remember when I said I bought some?  Well Target took forever getting them to my doorstep and then I took even longer figuring out where to hang the hook.

Since I finally found a spot I took some pictures to give you a quick update:



I got the Bee hook and two of the hexagon hooks (I think they intended for them to attach to the rail they also sell.)



The bee hook went between my bedroom and bathroom doors in the hallway and is now holding my aprons.



And those hexagon hooks went in my guest room.  You might remember I had piddly brass hooks holding up those two smaller frames before.  I still can’t get these guys straightened out (even though I meticulously measured before I hung these hooks!)





This room is slowly coming together….now if I could just get that bedframe painted!


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