Remember When?

Over the last few months I’ve put a lot of time into the outside of my house.  Remember those chairs? The roses?  My peonies and chicks and hens?  Here’s where they are now.

Let’s start with the roses:


This guy was transplanted by my mother from my front yard last fall.  I have no idea what color it is yet so I really can’t wait until it blooms!



As you can see, two of them are going crazy.


I hope those other two catch up soon!

My peonies and chicks and hens are doing ok…


Every other day I look at these and think they’re goners.  Today, I think they’re going to make it.


The gladiolus bulbs are coming in great and are dwarfing those peonies.  The peonies are still alive so I’m not going to mess with them, but I’m a little sad that they’re still so small!


(yes, I know I need to weed)

This week saw a huge improvement in my tree lawn.  I love the tree stumps and wanted to put flower pots on them but I live on such a busy street I was worried that they’d get kicked over.  My dad had a brilliant solution and we screwed the pots into the stumps, now they’re not going anywhere!



Okay, I didn’t get enough dirt to fill the pots so the flowers are below the rim right now.  I’ll be so happy if they grow up and spill out over the tops.  If they don’t, I’ll know better for next year!


And finally, the chairs!  Well, right now it’s just one chair but it’s painted!


Oh boy, this was a pain!  I started out rolling the flat parts but gave that up pretty quickly.  I found the best tool for the job was a flat craft brush that allowed me to get into the cracks between the slats.


The color is Valspar Fresh Mist and it’s so cheery and bright!  This chair (and one small project) took half a quart so I wish I would have primed the chair first.  That wood was dddddrrrrrryyyyyy!


It’s been so exciting to see things grow.  I’ve planted some onions, beets, carrots and lettuce and I’m anxiously waiting for them to sprout!



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