The Guest Room

I’m only posting this because I need some accountability.  I’m showing you these pictures to finally get myself motivated to tackle this room and I think showing you my shame will do that.


I don’t know why I call this room the guest room these days.  It’s turned into the place where I dump everything I don’t have a place for:Image


Prudie loves it though because she can hide behind all the piles :).

This mess happened because I decided I needed to clean out the two closets in this room.  One was mostly empty while the other was bursting at the seams with all my craft stuff.  I also wanted to move the picture ledges I hung over the bed (hence the orange tape) to another room.Image


I started by pulling almost everything out of that corner closet and separating the fabric and yarn from everything else.  I put this off because I thought I needed to buy a rod for this closet so I could hang things.  Imagine my surprise to find one tucked behind that white board!


Getting my fabric out of bins freed up so much space!  I’ve already used 100% more fabric this week than I have the whole time I’ve lived in this house.



An equally bothersome but not at all organization related problem is this curtain rod.  Nobody goes in this freaking room-how can it be falling down??  Hopefully this will be an easy fix…I just need to find my drill…

ImageYou might remember this bed frame from a post, oh, 8 months ago.  It used to be bright blue and hang out underneath the apple tree in the backyard.  Painting that chair inspired me to finish the frame so I’m excited to get this room cleaned up and put back together and finally show you how awesome this baby looks in the room!

I’ve been slowly chipping away at this room so I’m hoping to have an “it’s clean and put back together” post for you next week!




2 thoughts on “The Guest Room

  1. Cats always love to sit in the middle of the action. It always seems that when you want to start one project there are ten things needing done first. Looking forward to seeing progress!

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