Little Changes

Let me tell you a secret:  I haven’t had internet at my house since I moved in.  I don’t have a good reason other than that I thought it was going to be an hours long installation and didn’t want to be stuck sitting at home waiting for them to come and connect me to the World Wide Web.  Then, last week, fed up with the second satellite box not working in my bedroom, I finally called up my provider to get it fixed.  I casually mentioned that I may be interested in their internet services and imagine my surprise when they told me that they didn’t even have to come inside the house to hook me up.  I was sold and so, this Thursday, I will finally have internet.

For the last 8 months I’ve taken tons of pictures and then gone to my parents’ house for a marathon session of editing pictures and writing posts and saving them so I could easily post them from my phone during the week.  I’m excited to have internet because now I can take pictures and edit them each day instead of plowing through 100s of them in an afternoon!

Because I had to take a bunch of pictures at once I often found myself with gems like these:



For some reason, I thought moving the decorations around in my bathroom would make for a much more interesting post than it actually did.  But, because I was trying to stockpile, I edited them and really wanted to use them!



I’m sure you notice the frames have moved places and that I added another row of rope around the outside of the mirror (and the three pieces to cover the seam) but really, nothing else has changed in here.



I really want to display some sea glass in that empty green frame but I can’t find an adhesive that doesn’t look terrible through the glass.  Any suggestions?

Come Thursday I’m so excited to show you the guest room (spoiler-with the headboard!) and the little project my mother and I have started in the front yard!



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