Guest Room Progress

Just so you guys don’t think it’s all fun and weed eating around here, I wanted to show you that I’ve been plugging away in the guest room.  Remember when it looked like this?

Well now it’s better:



The orange tape is gone along with the brown duvet cover and that headboard!  Now I’m sorry I didn’t get it done sooner!


The bookshelf is under the picture frames now


And this odd thrift store plant stand is in the corner with, surprise!, a succulent.

What you see on the edge of the bed there is a rug I’m working on for in here.


Okay, so the bed’s not perfect but it’s getting there!


I stuck my $3 ottoman under the round mirror and a couple hooks.  I’m going to leave the legs as is and I’m looking for some cool fabric to cover the top with.


I have 10 of these gold frames (Target clearance for 50 cents a piece!)  I’m thinking I might like them in two rows of 5 above the bed but I’m still not sure.  I like the golds in here but the bright yellow isn’t working for me anymore and I think it needs to be more subtle.  That banner will more than likely come down and I’m thinking about changing the curtains.



My craft closets came out better than I expected!


This light fixture is terrible.  I have a ceiling fan in the basement that I hope to hang in here.


I hate this door and it’s ugly brass knob.  Before my first year in this house is up, I want to replace them with something that looks older.

Whew!  I’ll have a house sitter here in June while I’m at a wedding so I’m determined to have this room cozy, comfortable and mostly done by the time she stays here.



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