Front Door Reveal

It’s done!  First the paint store was closed.  Then I had to rearrange my living room to make room for a new piece of furniture.  But now, the front door is painted!

Just to remind you where it started:


Plain, plain, plain.

I started out by wiping down the door with a Lysol wipe


I read a bunch of tutorials online so I started out by brushing the paint into the inserts and rolling out the rest of it with a small foam roller


Coat #1 scared me.  It looked terrible and the rich Hale Navy looked more grey than blue.  I also wasn’t happy with the brush marks so for coat #2 I decided to ditch the brush and stick to the roller.


Coat #2 was still patchy but was much smoother and was starting to look more blue.  Initially I left the frame around the window white but it didn’t look right.  I’m pleased with the blue frame around the trim around each pane of glass.  I also just taped off the hardware to keep the paint off it.


Coat #3 was almost perfect but I went ahead and did #4 just in case I missed anything.


I LOVE it!  I love how it contrasts with my light house while still being a color.


Because I’m crazy I made these flowers in shades of yellow to add another layer of color.  They’re glued onto an extra rectangular picture frame I had laying around and stuck up there with some 3M hooks.


The hooks lasted just long enough to take these pictures.  I think the dark door and the beating down sun just melted the adhesive and it wouldn’t stick.  I bought a roll of magnetic tape and ran some across the top and bottom and so far it has held!


A lot of people (including my mom) thought I would go with a yellow door.  I have a master plan for my exterior but it involves new siding and that’s a few years down the road.  When “Master Plan Time” comes around I will have a yellow door so I figured I’d enjoy something different until then.

fd Collage

Before I go tackle my next project here’s a side by side view.  See mom?  The blue really is better! 🙂


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