Happy Father’s Day!

Okay, I know it’s not today but we were traveling on Father’s Day (don’t worry, we celebrated!) and I didn’t have time do write this post and then WordPress wouldn’t let me upload photos.  But, today this should work.  fingerscrossed.

When I thought about recapping the projects my dad has finished in this house I realized that there are too many to fit into one post!  So, I decided to take it way back to the early weeks in this house and show you the first major projects he did for me:

First, that fireplace.  I had forgotten how bad it was until I saw these pictures, yikes!



Remember how bad Week 1 was?  I had forgotten.



This was the week that I came to love drywall.

Then there was the guest room:

guest1Remember that doorway?  I haven’t missed it at all!

My dad also, built the bookcase in the laundry room


fixed a roof leak, hung my picture ledges, replaced my front door, installed the back door, installed new kitchen cabinets around the stove, ripped out the spider-city-sheds, patched lots of holes, including this mess in the kitchen:



Holy moly!  What would this house (and my bank account!) look like without him!  Thanks dad!




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