Installing Base Cove

I’m pretty happy with my kitchen these days except…under the cabinets is a long black hole:



You can only really see it when you’re walking towards it (or if you’re down on the floor looking for it…) but it grossed me out every time I swept.  I know I was just pushing dirt and dog hair between those cabinets and I couldn’t handle thinking about how gross it must be under there!



I know that I want wood baseboards on the walls in here (in fact, in every room!) but it seemed like a waste to spend the money on wood just to hide it.  So, I decided on base cove.

The Lowe’s here had it in 4 feet strips so I measured everything out and found that I needed 13 feet so I bought 4 of them in dark brown.

I did my research and found that they make base cove adhesive and that it is super expensive.  So, enter Liquid Nails.

First I set everything into place to make sure I had enough and then I got to gluing.  Basically I just squirted the glue out in a wavy pattern and stuck the baseboard up and pressed it tight.  I went around the room, taped up the seam and taped the corners to keep it all tight.



On a side note, I DID sweep and wipe up before putting the baseboards up, my house is just a dust and dog hair magnet!  Seeing that makes me so glad I finally got these suckers up!

I left everything taped for a day and then carefully pulled the tape off.



Much better, right?  It’s not perfect because my floors are uneven but I just kept the bottom resting on the floor so the gap wouldn’t be noticeable.  At least I hope it’s not noticeable!


Finally, here’s proof that this project won’t be noticed by anyone, ever:












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