Week 43!

I believe the last time I did an update was waaaaaay back at Week 25.  Whoops!

Let’s start with the laundry room:


I’ve kind of just taken a “dump and go” approach in here.  Everything starts in this room and then eventually gets put away in the room it belongs in.



Hanging those hooks over the stairs has saved my sanity!  I’m no longer tripping over my mop or broom and it’s no more steps to retrieve supplies from here.



While in Portland, OR I was inspired by a display at Powell’s.  They hung pictures from a grid of wires so they were super easy to switch out and move around.  This is more modern than I normally like but I like that I can display my travel pictures (and postcards!) and it’s not a pain to hang up new ones when I get them.



Is there anything different in here?  I don’t even remember at this point!  You get a glimpse of the base cove in that first picture and you may notice a new bucket of succulents on the counter by the sink! 🙂



I fell in love with this shelf and I feel like I’ve had it in every room of the house but it finally feels at home here!  I love the pictures of my grandmas leaning and I love that it give me a little more dimension in this tiny hall!

bath2bath1  The hall bath is mostly the same.  The only new addition is this card I framed on my little gallery wall.  I promise next week I’ll take better pictures!


I’m finally happy with the mirror and frames above the bed!  I’m working of finding black and white pictures of my friends to fill up these 6 frames.  I also got a rug for in here-$19.99 at Ross.  It’s double the size you see here and it’s really just laziness that has kept me from moving it down to the foot of the bed and centering it.  Hopefully next week!  My new duvet cover arrived late Thursday so I hope you’re looking forward to seeing it in place in week 44!


mbed4mbed1 I did move some stuff around in here to accommodate my new dresser (thanks to a friend moving!) and to clear a space in front of the window for the air conditioner (thanks dad!)  I also used clothes pins to hang up the bottom of the curtains.  I wanted to close them but they were so heavy they blocked all the air!  This is a perfect solution until I get blinds!


I also gussied up my little duck bust with some pearls and paper flowers.  Love him!


My bathroom is the same….except there’s a succulent in that painted basket.



I got a cool new shelf at a yard sale for $15 so I had to move the bookshelves by the buffet (love them here!)


See her there?  I tested out a dark brown paint and don’t love it.  I don’t like the finish on it now, but I feel like if I paint/stain it it needs to match my other furniture.  I also think maybe I can get away with a color?  Like some leftover Hale Navy??

entry2entry1And the entryway.  I like the plant stand here-just not turquoise, I don’t think.  I also love displaying this silhouette I did of my house (and pine tree!)

That’s my house this week.  It feels good to post an update-hopefully I can keep it up!



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