One Month Without Rain Makes Things Dead

It’s bad you guys.  Like dead bad.  


I just can’t water enough.  I go out every morning and soak it (I can’t water in the evenings because of my work schedule) but by the next morning it’s crispy and sad again.



From what I’ve read, the grass is probably just dormant (as opposed to dead) and that when it cools off in, oh SEPTEMBER, it’ll green up again.  I’ve continued watering as usual but it’s just been  

The kicker is, I have a sprinkler system but I have yet to try it out.  I bought my house as a foreclosure and so we just don’t know if the system was winterized when the house was empty.  My plan is to find a plumber to come out and run an outdoor spigot on the West side of my house (right now I have ONE for all the outside) and have him here when I turn the system on just in case my basement floods.  But, until then, I’m the girl with the dead lawn.  


The roses aren’t faring so well either.  The leaves are still green but I think it’s just not wet enough for them to waste the energy growing flowers.  Again, hopefully, with the sprinklers next year these guys will be okay.


Of course, the weeds in the backyard are growing like, well, weeds.














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