Still Hope

Remember last week?  I decided to show my backyard some TLC this week and found something very exciting:

apples Collage


Apples!  I’ve started doing some research on apple trees and so far I’ve learned that 1- I need to wait until fall to have it pruned and 2- apple trees naturally only produce large crops every 2 to 3 years.  My neighbors tell me that last year they harvested tons of apples from this tree so I’m hoping that this year’s small crop is just natural.  Even so, I decided that this girl has made it 100 years so the least I can do is show her a little lovin’.

So, a trip to Wal Mart resulted in 10 of these:


which wasn’t enough.  At $1 a piece I felt like it was an acceptable solution to my problem watering the tree.  I try to really soak it a couple of times a week but the water just runs away from the base of the tree.  While I don’t love these, the price was right and they would do the job of keeping the water where I needed it.


I could have “measured” and “calculated” the best way to do this but I didn’t which meant that I spent about an hour digging a trench around the tree and moving and rearranging these to get the biggest circle possible with the materials I had.  When it came down to it I needed one more so the total cost of this project was a whopping $11.


In the end, I don’t hate how it looks.  In fact, it has inspired me to start working on a plan for the back yard.  I have plans to move the current alley side fence to the front and continuing the tall wooden fence all the way around the yard.  I also want to paint that shed and find some old windows to install in there to make it usable as a greenhouse through the winter.  Raised beds, some lilac bushes and a couple of new trees will, hopefully, make this a backyard I actually want to spend time in!



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