Curb Appeal

My friend is trying to sell her house so she decided to spruce up the front by spray painting the front door.  It wasn’t the look she was going for:d1   So we took a trip to Wal-Mart and picked up some exterior, semi-gloss paint in Foliage Green (I think.)  I sanded down the spray painted area and then she wiped the whole thing down.  Then we got to rolling: d2   I have no idea how many coats this was but you can see it’s much better than the spray paint.  It’s also a darn good match to the existing green trim! d5   In addition to the new front door paint we planted some flowers and added a new welcome mat and pillows.  While she was putting on another coat of paint I searched her garage for stuff to put out here.  I found the flower pots in a corner and that crate in the yard sale pile.  I set 6 plastic pots inside the crate and popped some petuinas in there. d3   My favorite thing though is how the pops of red outside look so good with the service flag hanging in the window (her son is in the Navy.) This morning project was kind of bittersweet.  My BFF and I sat on this porch 12 years ago running through flash cards for her tests in Nursing School and we were sitting in those chairs when her sons came running out of the house, one bleeding from the mouth and the other holding peroxide and paper towels-all resulting from a late night golf game in the backyard gone awry.  (She refused the peroxide and paper towels and instead we all loaded into the car for a trip to the ER where she got to stitch him up!)



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