I love my tiny digital camera.  It’s not fancy but it’s tough and small which makes it perfect for taking everywhere with me!

While in Oregon last month I took a ton of pictures.  Most of them were random-no family, no landmarks-but all things that I wanted to remember when I got home.

For example:


A picnic bench at a scenic lookout.  Why?  I love these colors-the grey cement, the black rocks, the weathered wooden bench and of course, those greens!  I have no idea where I can use this color combo, but believe me, I’ll be looking!


These were the adorable centerpieces at the reception.  It reminds me how much I love red and aqua together but my favorite part is that mossy wood slice in the middle!


These windows were on one entire wall at the Deschutes Brewery.  I’m now obsessed with finding a bunch of these multi-paned windows to put all the way around my laundry room.  The best part though, was that the middle section of each one opened (see the tiny, tiny knobs?) so you could still get some air moving around.


Oh these lights!  They were strung over a brick patio at the reception.  Now I’m glad I obsessively bought a bunch of boxes of the round Christmas lights when they went on clearance.  You better believe that next summer I’ll be enjoying my backyard under a canopy of pretty, pretty white lights!

I took a million other pictures but these are the 4 I keep coming back to.  They’re now in my “Inspiration” folder so when I’m stuck for ideas or looking for a project I can dig them out and get started!



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