Dumpster Diving

Kind of…

This morning my mom and I hit up some thrift stores and on our way to the first one I saw a stack of pallets on the side of the road.  One illegal U-turn later and her car looked like this:


Her Outback is wider than my Jeep and these things fit in there nicely!  I took one of these and she took 3 and then we went to a local mechanic’s shop that had a stack of pallets out back.

We took all that they were tossing so I ended up with:


This pile isn’t including another big one that I’m going to put under my big trashcan.

Today I realized why I never finish everything on my To Do list-I’m too easily distracted!  Instead of finishing up my laundry room or doing my dishes I did this:


I turned one pallet backwards and stuck my lawn tools in it,


(yes I saw this on Facebook!) I screwed these two together and plopped these pavers (in my yard already!) on top.  I want to paint it, I’m thinking white.


And finally, I made a wine rack!  I did sand this one down but I decided not to paint it or stain it.  I was originally going to put two up but 1-I don’t have that much wine and 2-they wouldn’t both fit on that wall.  I did use a level to hang this but the pallet itself isn’t square so it looks out of level (even though that middle shelf was level when I hung it, really!)

I still have two more pallets and I’m thinking I’m going to made another table for my back patio but an hour on Pinterest might change my mind!



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