A Clean Laundry Room

I think my cleaning philosophy is “you have to make a mess to clean a mess.”  What I mean is, I can’t just put stuff away-I have to take everything out, clean it and THEN put it away!

Here’s a before picture:


A disorganized mess!  So I opened a bottle of wine I got when I moved in


and got to work.


I think that cooler will live in the basement-I just haven’t taken it down there yet.  Also in this picture you can see the cute green bench.  So far I’ve just used it for standing on but I’m sure once winter hits I’ll be sitting there putting on boots (icannotwait!)  I moved the IKEA hooks next to the dryer which has been awesome!  It’s so nice to pull stuff out and hang it up there until I can get it on a hanger.


Do you remember that big blue guy?  No?  He was in my living room next to the desk


only now it’s blue!  Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy to be precise!

I have awesome hardware ordered (errr backordered) that I can’t wait to get on there!  I also need to fix that top drawer so it sits in there properly.


So far in this cabinet are gloves and a flashlight.  That’s it.  I’m thinking I’ll store canned goods and extra paper towels/toilet paper in there but, of course, knowing me that’ll change on a weekly basis!  Right now it’s Henry’s Treat Center and a place for a candle and my change jar.

Painting the cabinet took two days and three coats but cleaning in here took less than an hour.  Why did I put it off for so long?  It’s so nice to walk into a clean and organized room!



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